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A javascript malware analysis tool using static analysis / deobfuscation techniques and an execution engine featuring HTML DOM emulation


A fast and powerful open source alternative to grep

Latest Blog Posts

2014-01-14 JSDetox 0.2 released
2012-09-27 Analyzing the Blackhole Exploit Kit 2.0 with JSDetox
2011-10-24 Social engineering with unicode filenames
2010-09-20 Meterpreter Script to extract chrome browser data
2010-09-16 Combining the Quicktime "Marshaled_pUnk" exploit with JSidle
2010-07-08 New Javascript packer: JSidle
2010-02-22 Bypassing Antivirus using De-Obfuscation
2010-02-20 Windows Vista + 7 Targets for Screen Unlock Script
2010-02-17 Screen Unlock Meterpreter Script
2010-02-13 Circumventing Antivirus Javascript Detection